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Do I need to verify my email after registering?

No, however your account will be servilely limited until you do so. You cannot vote, start new topics, or make more than 10 comments until you will need to activate your account. This can be done by clicking on the confirmation link found in the email sent when you registered. Don't forget to check your spam folder.

How do I add links, videos, and format my text in topics and comments?

You will need to make use of BBcode. BBcode is a system of tags used to process text. supports the tags listed below:
[url][/url](Create links to other websites)
[img][/img](Embed images from other websites)
[image][/image](Same as [img])
[video][/video](Embed videos from other video sharing sites, youtube, vimeo, etc)
[b]bold text[/b](Make text bold)
[i]italics text[/i](Make text italicized)
[u]underline text[/u](Make text underlined)
[s]strike text[/s](Make text crossed out)
[o]overlined text[/o](Make text overlined)
[color=blue]blue text[/color](Make text colored, blue, red, yellow, green, etc)

I didn't get the activation email, can I get another one?

Sure, visit the login page and enter the email used to register your account.

Why was my account banned?

You most likely broke one of the rules or violated our terms of service. If you feel that you have been unjustly banned, please contact us. Most likely the ban was only temporary. Only permanent bans can be disputed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

How do I report a topic or comment?

If you have found a spam, inappropriate, or anything that breaches the rules or terms of service, please click the X button located to the right of the Like and Dislike buttons. Serious issues will be taken care of as soon as possible. Repeated misuse of the report button is grounds for punishment. Report only what actually breaks rules. Thank you for your help.

The comment/post textarea is too small for me to see what I'm typing, How can I make it larger?

When making comments/posts, the comment/post textarea can be stretched to your liking. Simply click and drag the bottom right hand corner of the box till the textarea is at a comfortable size for you.

Why are the vote buttons not working?

You are only allowed one vote per topic/comment per IP (not account). Reports are counted as a vote. If you are unable to vote on something you have not voted on yet, chances are that someone else in your household/dorm/building has already voted using your shared IP. Unfortunately, you will need to get your own IP address in order to fix this issue.

How do I view topics with tags not shown on the frontpage?

Simply visit , replacing TAGHERE with the tag you would like to filter topics with.

What are Medals and how do I get one?

Medals are little badges added to the profile page of users who have made certain achievements:

Medal   Golden Silver Bronze
   1000+ topics   250+ topics   50+ topics  
   10000+ comments   2500+ comments   500+ comments  
   500+ popular topics   100+ popular topics   25+ popular topics  
   2500+ votes   500+ votes   100+ votes  
   500+ referrals   100+ referrals   25+ referrals  

What are Achievements and Ranks?

Achievements are milestones marked by the requirements above. For example, if you start 251 topics, you have 2 achievements. One for getting the bronze medal, and one for just getting the silver medal.

Ranks are little icons shown next to your username above your comments. These are unlocked as you make achievements and can be turned on/off on by editing your profile page. These are the current ranks and descriptions:

Rank   Description
This user is a moderator
This user has made more than 12 achievements
This user has made more than 8 achievements
This user has made more than 4 achievements