Rules — what am I allowed to do?

1) Don't flame or troll people.
-Flaming is "an online argument that becomes nasty or derisive, where insulting a party to the discussion takes precedence over the objective merits of one side or another". Basically, getting into a mudslinging argument. Trolling is where a user tries to coax other users into flaming. Flaming and/or trolling will get you tempbanned, and repeating offence will get you permabanned.

2) Don't backseat moderate.
-We appreciate all efforts made to enforce these rules, but if a user is acting up then please press the "report button" (the X button next to topics and posts) and it will be taken care of.

3) No 18+ content, only Safe for Work(SFW) content is allowed.

4) No illegal material can be posted.
-This includes warez, cracks, keygens, ROMs, etc...

5) No excessive use of swear words/derogatory slurs.
-Although they are not filtered, over use of any sort of these words can be causation for a ban especially if it coincides with flaming.

6) No outright explicit advertising (decided at our sole discretion).
-Do this and it's an immediate 48-hour ban. Do it again after that and it's a permanent ban. Please note that there is a difference between advertising and simply promoting links to other sites you found post-worthy.

7) The team has the final say on everything discussed on this page.
-If we decide against your favor, we apologize for any inconvenience but must stand firm in our decision. Feel free to criticize our actions, but please... respect our judgement.

The team is pretty relaxed about what you post/comment, but constantly breaking the rules or just acting in an un-orderly fashion are grounds for an immediate ban.

As for the punishments (in the order that they will be given):
   • A warning.
   • Temporary ban.
   • Permanent ban.
   • IP ban.

(Use determined by the severity of the offense)(as stated above, this is decided at our sole discretion, sorry)