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Are you an undergrad at any college?

Help out the incoming freshmen by giving a little advice.

This can be things like, stuff to avoid, tips for studying, or how not sleeping for 48 hours feels.

So... that's bout it, feel free to jump in.

  • IronChef
    IronChef2381 days ago

    Oh man, my account still works

    So I'm a freshman in Cal Poly and I just finished my first year and I will tell you, if you play your cards right, you will meet new people, try new things, and remember memories

    What probably was the most beneficial to me was joining clubs. I mean, clubs are a. cheaper than frats and b. not full of jerks (except for skii club, there's not even freaking snow in Cal Poly so all they do is party). I joined around like ten clubs fall quarter but in the end, narrowed it down to six I am dedicated in. I am now an officer of two of them and developed a reputation for being really reliable. Clubs will introduce you to people who have the same interest as you so you know they're good people.

    So there are two types of clubs I joined: academic clubs and ethnic clubs. They both act differently when it comes to how they do stuff but the people are all the same: friendly outgoing and full of trivia. I would recommend joining one of each (I'm in 3 of each) because one will give you connections to the job market and one will give you connections to parties. make friends with the officers and if they remember you, then they and everyone else will acknowledge you. Participate in club events or socials. Club events are used to boost reputation for things like Open House or some gathering to attract upcoming freshmen to boost your club's reputation while social events are just well, bonding with people. Both will give you not only a solid social network, but hook ups to food and certain drinks if you're into that.

    I'll give you some advice on parties and stuff in college (cause I know this userbase drinks SO much). I only drink with the people I know cause it brings your friendship even closer and they aren't asses. I would recommend getting smashed with friends at least once in your life cause you will realize if you like it or not (usually this is deciphered in the morning hehehe). If you have the self control to drink in moderation, you are a god (like me). The failing point to this is if you throw up or black out.

    Also, learn to love and embrace coffee

  • acorn019
    acorn0192381 days ago

    I'm a sophomore at Colorado School of Mines (#4 best engineering school in the nation by Salary Potential)- Chemistry (biochemistry concentration) major. I am apart of the Pre-med society, Society for Women Engineers, Minority Engineering Program- Professional Asian Society for Engineers and Scientists, and played Div II Womens Varsity Soccer. btw, I do not want to be an engineer.

    My advice?
    (1) food. you can not live off of easy max and microwavable ramen. the freshman fifteen happens if you're not actively participating in a sport and making poor food choices. limit caffeine use to finals weeks (btw, 5 hr energy is the most effective with the least harm).
    (2) housing: DO NOT LIVE AT HOME (if you can afford it). Living at the dorms was one of the best and worst experiences of my life. I lived in a suite style dorm with one roommate and 7 other girls. It’s a great way to meet other people and find quick study buddies. Integrate yourself into the college community by living on campus and make memories that last a lifetime!
    (3) Go to class. No matter how boring your professor may be or pointless the class. Go. You’ll learn something- even if it’s that you can take notes with your left hand. If you really don’t want to go, calculate how much it costs per minute based on your semester tuition for you to not go to class. Then sit in your room watching the minutes spent go by. (it’s not worth it).
    (4) Participate. in class, clubs, sports…anything. I spend minimum 16 hours a week training for soccer, I spent mostly the rest of the time with the girls I trained with. We spent the rest of our time with other athletes or the residents in our building. Build a social network- just because people are pretty awesome.
    (5) PARTIESSS. First timers- go with people you trust, one of which is not drinking. Do not go to your first party completely sober- it’ll just seem dumb. ALWAYS have a plan, DD and where you are going home after specifically, the worst happens when you don’t have a plan. Eat dinner. Drink 16oz of water after. Do not take on the four loco challenge. Do not have the same number of shots as your age on your birthday. Know the house rules. It’s okay to get sick once, but know your limit every time after that- don’t be the kid everyone gets tired of taking care of. I have never gotten sick or not remembered- and I have my share of fun. To GIRLS: don’t wear a short dress or skirt if you plan on dancing and drinking- you’re gonna show off more than you want. Keep it classy. College parties break down: athletes house, frat/soror, clubs, and that one guys place. They’re all a little different- try them all at least once and figure out which you like. Parties are fun and a good way to meet people and just relax, but I promise- a board game and movie night is just as good if not better. You’re never too old for a good Disney movie and monopoly.

    College was a chance for me to start fresh with brand new people. Be the best version of yourself, budget your time, and remember you’re in college to gain a life experience and hopefully end up with a degree that will help you pursue your future. It’s supposed to be hard. Study but make time to participate in the real world. If you got questions or need me to expand on something let me know. College athletes- I’ve got some good advice on making school and sports work (it’s tough but possible).

    • Jiexi
      Jiexi2380 days ago

      "btw, I do not want to be an engineer." wait... wut?

      1) I look forward to the freshman 15
      3) Afraid i might have this problem
      5) K, i wont wear a skirt.

      Awesome. Thanks!

      • acorn019
        acorn0192380 days ago

        i plan on going to medical school. if going to an engineering
        school has taught me anything, it's that i dont want to be an engineer (btw future engineers- let me know, i can tell you what classes to plan to take freshman year).
        (1) freshman fifteen happens b/c (a) you're not in hs and your metabolism slows down (b) students dont workout minimum 30min a day (c) cafetetia gives out free cookies.
        (3) yeah, i had that problem in particular classes (economics- the prof only lectured on his kids, and epics- a basic engineering 101 class). I promise it's worth it to go. If they see you in class and know who you are, they are likely to round up if you are
        borderline for your grade. Fight for your grade!
        (5) no problem. ha. it's not a bad advice
        for guys either. seven words: jungle party and
        not enough cheetah fabric.

        • Jiexi
          Jiexi2380 days ago

          1) b) Hi. c) mmmm

          3) So will they round an A to an A+?

          5) 1 word: eww

        • Pikachu
          Pikachu2375 days ago

          I'm going to be in Biomedical Engineering, but I think UC's are only GE classes the first two years. I'm planning going to med school like you too :) Don't wanna be an engineer, but it's a good backup in case my life gets screwed with again during college.

          • acorn019
            acorn0192372 days ago

            yeah, an engineering major is academically rigorous so you'll definitely get good at studying. It's a strong background to have. As far as classes go, even though your school has a road map of classes for you, talk to your adviser not every path is the same for every student. Find what's best for you =]

  • grado
    grado2373 days ago

    don't help anyone. that's all. simple and easy

  • coalleeen
    coalleeen2358 days ago

    agree with you.

  • teramaaaann
    teramaaaann2271 days ago

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