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Yeah... So, I bet nobody will ever read this, but I'll write this review anyway.

Great, so you're looking to buy a windows tablet. Didn't jump on the band wagon when the Asus EEE Slate came out? Good, you made the right decision.

My dad was an early adopter of the EEE Slate, So I've played around with it for quite sometime. The Samsung Series 7 Slate offers an infinitely better windows tablet experience. Smoother, Cleaner, and just overall Enjoyable.


Blah Blah Blah... Pictures... Blah Blah.

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Review (rambling):

This thing is a beast. It runs off the 2nd gen i5 processor = more speed & better battery life. (eee slate has 1st gen).
It comes with intel integrated graphics... boooooo... But, remember that this is a tablet.

The Series 7 Slate comes with either a 64gb or 128gb solid state harddrive (just buy the more expensive 128gb, about 40gb of that space is unusable/inaccessible to you). This thing boots like no other. I think I counted 8 seconds on my 2nd boot. I actually thought I had clicked logoff rather than restart because it was so ridiculously fast.

This combination of CPU, harddrive, and 4gb of ram make for a very smooth and enjoyable touchscreen experience. Capable of playing 1080p videos, lag only occurs briefly when there are many pixel changes on screen (particles, that sort of stuff).

EDIT: Can play League of Legends at 30fps, full resolution. Stable, definitely playable. I'd suggest using at least an external mouse, but a keyboard would be needed if you planned on winning a game.

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Accurate, Bright, Pretty.

Unfortunately I have one stuck pixel on mine, but... It's not that big an issue to me.

You can use your finger or included digitizer pen. Both are very easy to use, the pen being more accurate of course.

Don't worry, unlike on the EEE Slate, selecting those small buttons (X close button for example) is absolutely easy. Did not have to calibrate the screen when it arrived. Misclicks don't occur often unless you have a friend tapping on your screen while you're trying to use it...

Also, the pen writes very nicely and smoothly. Can easily use this to take notes in class.
Also, touchscreen keyboard is a bit annoying, but definitely usable.

EDIT: lol the digitizer pen + ArtRage 3.5.0 is awesome. I drew this random stuff.

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Play around with the settings, you should be able to get at least 4 hours out of this on moderate settings.
Maybe even up to 6-7 hours if you really go conservative on power consumption.

Each power plan remembers your brightness settings and has its own intel graphics settings (turn down perfomance when running on battery to save power). So you can make several plans to match your needs. I have 3 right now set to enhance: battery life, balanced, and performance.

Btw, you may want to turn off the auto brightness setting as it's annoying and useless.

Really... if you were scared away from windows tablets after the Asus EEE Slate, please reconsider. The Samsung Series 7 Slate offers an incredibly smooth windows 7 experience. Even though this device is pricey, it's well worth the money. I can't express how happy I am with my purchase (but then again, it's probably because I've only had it for 1 day and 1 night).

Questions? Fire away. Lol wait, nobody is going to read this.

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