Jiexi: How to send mail as Google Apps Alias email from another Gmail account

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Let's say you have the follow emails:
Main email: email@gmail.com

Primary Google Apps: email@primary.com
Alias Domain: email@secondary.com

And you want to send email as email@secondary.com using your email@gmail.com account, but you can't actually log in as email@secondary.com because it is an alias.

You can do the following:

From email@gmail.com, goto Accounts and Import, and Add Another Email You Own.

In the popup that appears, enter email@secondary.com

On the next page, use smtp.gmail.com, and email@secondary.com, and the password for email@primary.com
(you will need to use an app specifc password if email@primary.com has 2 factor auth enabled).

Submit. It will fail. Wrong username or password or something.
No problem.

Now change the email from email@secondary.com to email@primary.com.
I know, I know. You want to send email as secondary.com, not primary.com, just do it.

It will let you continue now :O! Magic.

Now go get the verification code sent to email@primary/secondary.com. Enter it in the popup, and continue.

Check your settings again. Tada! You have now added email@secondary.com even though you logged in as email@primary.com.

I don't know why this works, but it works.

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